Rila National Park

Rila National Park – 10.8 km

„Rila National Park“ is the largest of the three national parks in Bulgaria and is among the largest protected areas in Europe. The park covers the central and highest parts of the mountains Rila, including Musala. Designated in 1992 as a national park, and in 1999 was converted into national part of it is separated and categorized in „Nature Park Rila Monastery.“

National Park „Rila“ is designed to protect the coniferous forests and grassland habitats of rare and endangered species, beautiful landscapes and historical sites of global significance for science and culture. The park is located four reserves – Parangalitsa, Central Rila Reserve, Ibar and Skakavitsa. National Park „Rila“ and in the vicinity there are many cultural monuments of national importance – churches, castles and ruins of ancient cities and roads. Near the park are Rila Monastery – a national historical and architectural reserve and fortress tower in Rila Monastery, which is an architectural monument. In the approaches to the park is located the town of Samokov, which occurred Samokov-painting by Zahari Zograf.

In the reserve are the highest peaks of Rila – Musala, Deno, Mancho, Large and Small Skakavets; trog deep valleys of the rivers Maritsa, Iskar White and Levy et al., numerous picturesque cirque lake groups – Marichini, Musala, Skakavishki, Rila, etc.

Almost completely protected area is covered by coniferous forests (99.6%) of spruce, fir, white pine, white fir and squat, with undergrowth of cranberries. Versatile alpine grass rastitellnost consists of over 300 species of plants, including many endemic and relict, rare and endangered species. Varied and interesting fauna is.