„The village is situated at the springs of the great and famous Hebros (Maritza) River, which flows deep and powerful into the Marmara Sea. The peak beneath which the river springs is seen from the village as wrapped up in driven snow. I think that if Allah ever decides to descend to the Earth, he will appear right there. The river passes through the village and about 300 houses lie on its banks which are vast meadows and rich fruit gardens. The population professes the Christian delusion, there are no true believers [of Islam].Raduil is more than Heaven.„

Evlya Celebi 
„I have seen no other place with such wonderful nature. The village is huddled somewhere in the clouds amidst a picturesque scenery. Mountains press on it on the left and on the right side, trying to get together in the south where a wall bars the sky. Right below it, in a lovely charming place - a paradise of greenery and freshness, lies huddled the village of Raduil. It is a strategic village with a new church. The surrounding scenery has the sublime charm of mountain serenity, radiating the poetry of colossal green. Nowhere in Bulgaria have I seen a village situated in such a charming locality, in such magnificent seclusion high in the clouds, in the forest arms.„

Ivan Vazov