•  Village of Raduil:Cultural places of interest in the village of Raduil and the nearby area which you must see include:
    – the 10 chapels scattered in the area including Monastery „Pokrov Bogorodichen (Protecting Veil of the Theotokos)” – restored on the site of an ancient temple („Pokrov Bogorodichen“ is located 2 km above the village)…(Read more)



  •  Borovets – 8 km.Borovets impresses every visitor with its unique nature and the feeling of comfort. It is a preferred destination for tourists in the winter mostly because of the possibilities it offers for practicing winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding… (Read more)



  •  Palace „Tsarska Bistritsa“ – Borovets, 10 kmThe beautiful royal palace “Tsarska Bistritsa”, a remnant of the last Bulgarian kingdom, is nestled in the arms of the magnificent Rila Mountain, above the famous resort Borovets. Built between 1898 and 1914 the palace served as the hunting lodge of Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria and his son Boris ІІІ…(Read more)



  •  Palace „Saragiol“ and palace „Sitnyakovo“Wooden structures connected with Tsarska Bistritsa Palace. They were also used as hunting lodges by the rulers of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom… (Read more)



  • Rila National Park – 10.8 km„Rila National Park” is the biggest of the three national parks in Bulgaria and one of the biggest protected territories in Europe. The park covers the central and highest regions of the Rila Mountain including the Musala Peak. It was proclaimed People’s Park in 1992 and it was transformed into a National Park in 1999 with a part of it being separated and recategorised into Rila Monastery National Park… (Read more)


  •  The Black RockThe Black Rock natural landmark is located 4 km east of Borovets. It is a 135 m-high vertical wall over the valley of the Slivnitsa River… (Read more)



  • Ibar ReserveIbar Reserve includes the northern slopes of the ridge between the Ibar and Belmeken peaks, at an altitude of 1 100-2 400 m… (Read more)



  • Maritza’s Lakes (The Eyes of Maritza)Maritza’s lakes are two glacial lakes located in the deep Maritza circus. They are surrounded by the steep peaks of Bliznatsite (The Twins), Marishki Chal and Mancho. The Upper Maritza’s Lake is located at an altitude of 2 378 m while the Lower Maritza’s Lake is 10 m lower… (Read more)



  • The Seven Rila Lakes – 65 kmThe Seven Rila Lakes are situated in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountain at an altitude of 2 100-2 500 m. This is the longest and the most picturesque and visited group of lakes of glacial origin in Bulgaria. The lakes are located stepwise on the mountain slope and are connected with small streams… (Read more)




  • Musala Peak
    Musala is the highest summit in Bulgaria – 1 925 m. It is one of the 100 national tourist sites. It is located in the Rila Mountain near Borovets. A meteorology station of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been built on Musala Peak… (Read more)




  • Malyovitsa – 40 kmMalyovitsa is a peak in the northwestern part of Rila, situated at 2 729 m above sea level. Some of the most frequently visited by climbers rock walls in Bulgaria are located at the difficult northern and eastern slopes of Malyovitsa Peak… (Read more)




  • Ostrich Farm, town of Dolna Banya
    The farm is located 8 km from the village of Raduil. “African black ostriches” are bred in the farm. They are called African black because of the colour of the plumage of the male ostriches. There is a restaurant in the farm serving omelettes of ostrich eggs and ostrich steaks…(Read more)



  • Our advice to you:
    Get to know the vagaries of the mountain and comply with them in order to have a pleasant and safe vacation in the village of Raduil!
    Going on vacation in the village of Raduil with family and friends sounds great but don’t underestimate the variable mountain climate. Hotel „Sveti Dimitar“ provides you comfort and amenities but don’t forget that the mountain has its own laws and vagaries which you have to comply with. If you do so, you will have a carefree vacation full of positive emotions and pleasant adventures.
    We are always there for you to help you get the information you need for the meteorological conditions and the appropriate routes for walks. Your safety is important for us!!!