Guesthouse ”Sveti Dimitar” is also suitable for spending a corporate weekend in the mountain with group training and seminars for teams of 15-18 persons.
You can take advantage of the wide variety of team building programmes we offer to suit the needs and demands of each client.
If you are looking for team building offers contact us to discuss what exactly you need, how big is your team and determine which of our team building programmes is suitable for you.
Experts in the field of psychology and meditation have developed modules that unite the team and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. We guarantee that what you experience here along with subsequent analyses will give you a new perspective on teamwork efficiency and communication within your company or the concrete department employees you have sent for team building in guesthouse ”Sveti Dimitar”.
The activities will encourage the participants to solve problems together as a team and acknowledge the importance of the contribution of every team member to achieving team goals. Team building activities are also very entertaining and exciting.
Add possibilities for relax and the energising beauty of nature to it and you will see that organising team building in guesthouse „Sveti Dimitar“ would be a wonderful experience.
Upon request, we provide individual work with a psychologist.
Contact us to get detailed information about our team building programmes!
The teambuilding programs are going to be performed only in Bulgarian language!